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Marketing project management is a difficult aspect of project management. The role of a marketing project manager is to continuously make adjustments to the traditional approach to make sure that all marketing projects result in a useful end product. Marketing is a broad field in itself, with different aspects and approaches to reach an endpoint. […]

Marketing is a broad field in itself, with different aspects and approaches to reach an endpoint. According to AMA Marketing is defined as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. The four Ps of marketing, product, price, place, and promotion are necessary for reaching a successful marketing campaign.

Marketing project management, on the other hand, is the total overarching administration and development of a marketing campaign. Marketing project management increases productivity by providing guidelines to team members that help them complete campaign tasks correctly and efficiently. In simpler terms, it is the development and supervision of a marketing project.

This aspect of project management is challenging for a number of reasons, including the fact that marketing project teams are made up of professionals from multiple disciplines who must work as one unit to sew in their various deliverables together. Marketing project management also requires a lot of abstract thinking, and the exchange of subjective opinions means that the project has a peg mark for adjustability.


Software is key to boosting marketing project management. Marketing project management is enhanced by systems and software that automate advanced marketing campaigns. The software benefits from sophisticated marketing tools that build their projects; these tools offer teams a comprehensive structure to help them complete projects accurately. They also need to handle scheduling, setting tasks, and timelines. To ensure that projects are run smoothly, the marketing tools provide all the necessary additional help.

A project management marketing tool must pass specific requirements for it to deliver on projects seamlessly and these requirements are;

●   Project overview and transparency

●   Personalized workflow

●   Marketing Reports

●   Involvement of internal and external stakeholders

●   Simple review and approval


Marketing projects involve a lot of “back and forth” and discussions between team members. These two-way discussions often time lead to disorganization, ultimately trumping the idea of the project. Setting a clear project overview is vital because it keeps your team focused on the bigger picture. By doing this, the team understands the reason a task needs to get done and why. The focus on the bigger picture enhances the visibility needed to put the project in the right direction. Project Marketing platforms should provide marketing teams with tools that assist the group to share and receive critical updates seamlessly, fostering transparency on the entire project.


Individual members of a project marketing team must understand their full responsibilities and tasks. If one member of a team overlooks an assignment, creating a lot of bottlenecks and upsetting deadlines. The Planless task manager makes it easy for project managers to assign tasks to teammates and share updates on the project, creating a customized workflow for team members.


Accurate documentation of reports is a holy grail in marketing. The more precise the data, the better it is for analyzed data to tailor the team’s approach to meeting a set objective. Proper marketing reports boost the outputs for an organization or client. The marketing project management tool should avail you the opportunity to track results from your projects, and the time spent on them. This is essential for monitoring progress and creating new turns in the course of the project.


External and internal stakeholders are essential personalities involved in marketing projects and, as such, should be carried along at every step of the way. These stakeholders need simple access to all of the correctly enabled permissions. Your preferred tools need to make room for necessary draft sharing; otherwise, there could be a destruction of version control, which will, in turn, creates problems for all parties involved.


The process of reviewing and approving marketing projects should be efficient and transparent. Changes during the project are essential for a strong finish, but if these processes are not adequately handled, tracked, and approved, a lot of productive time can be lost. Your preferred tool should have a foolproof review and approval process. This will ensure that the right person reviews outgoing projects at the right time.


Planless assists project marketing teams to allocate more time for the task with higher priority. As a conscious platform for project management, Planless enforces that it can empower organizations to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that foster growth.

Project Overview and Transparency

Planless helps project managers and teams follow through a stage by stage process for projects and tasks. The platform has a tool that empowers project managers to monitor the status of all projects in real-time, which influences keeping strategic goals on track and pen down necessary progress reports. A feature on the Planless platform shows the progress of individual tasks, including the way the different parts of the pieces of the function together. This feature helps eliminate bottlenecks and restructures tasks according to upcoming developments.

Involvement of Internal and External Stakeholders

Planless is integrated with document sharing platforms, which makes it a walk in the park to share documents and files with members of the board who are privy to having the records. Every organization has a committee, which consists of members who are privy to specific information. With Planless’s integration with other platforms, managers can adjust the permissions of users, thereby restricting the documents to select members of the board.

Personalized Workflows

Planless users can adopt either a list  to track their tasks. Each of these tasks can be commented on and assigned deadlines, which makes it easy for users to track their responsibilities without missing any critical deadlines.

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